Portugal 100-Page Handbook


A country of wonders, of rich history, complete with charming castles, beautiful beaches and modern metropolitan city that blends in beautifully in remnants of the past, Portugal has been described as magical. Our handbook to this European country encompasses as much information as possible in one location, giving you a guide to discover this magic yourself.

What's inside

Portugal is the oldest continuously existing nation state on the Iberian Peninsula and one of the oldest in Europe. Discover this and other informative facts about this European country, including basic travel information, history, culture and customs, topography and more.

The Portugal Handbook dives into the provinces within the country, and even breaks down entertainment by region. Discover what to do and where to eat in each region. In addition, this guide provides details on residency and citizenship, investment, taxes, free trade zones, cost of living, purchasing property, as well as the basics like climate, customs, shopping, cuisine, places to visit, famous Portuguese citizens, and so much more. Dive into this informative handbook and discover so much more than you expected. Happy reading!

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