Maximize Your ROI with ECI Development

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Investing with ECI Development offers a unique opportunity for a return on investment through a diverse portfolio of real estate properties, agricultural teak, and expert project management. With a commitment to sustainability and responsible practices, ECI Development provides investors with consistent and reliable returns and peace of mind.

Diversify Your Portfolio with Overseas Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate abroad through ECI Development presents a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio and tap into growing markets overseas. With a focus on sustainable development and responsible practices, ECI provides investors with a chance to make a positive impact while earning consistent returns. The company’s extensive knowledge of local markets and its commitment to expert project management ensure that investors have a stake in well-maintained, high-quality properties. By investing in real estate abroad through ECI Development, you have the opportunity to take your investment portfolio to the next level and reap the benefits of a well-diversified investment strategy.


Secure Your Family's Financial Legacy with Generational Wealth Building

Invest in your future with sustainable agricultural teak investments from eci development: secure your family’s financial legacy for generations to come. Benefit from low-entry, smaller farm ownership in Nicaragua, and Panama with dual benefits of property ownership and residency abroad. Enjoy regular payouts from thinnings and expert management from geoforestal. Invest for the long-term with a 25-year investment horizon.

"I have invested heavily in ECI: teak, bond, stock, Marriott Hotel room on Ambergris Caye. They have a long track record of commitment and have weathered world crisis. I have other investments with folks who probably mean well but have not performed. I have visited ECI’s investment projects in Belize, Panama, and Nicaragua. My reasons for investing are mostly that I trust ECI and Mike Cobb and Joel Nagel; the investments seem solid and have a reasonable return. Ethical people. These investments cannot be compared to a CD and have an element of risk, but I decided for myself that there was not anything in the US that could get a reasonable return. Sold all my US stock, as I decided that was gambling for me."

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