Nicaragua 100-Page Handbook


The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes…also the land of friendly people, with an incredibly affordable lifestyle and rich culture. This is Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, and one of the safest countries in this side of the hemisphere. Read and discover why so many are choosing to call Nicaragua home.

What's inside

Prepare for your visit to Nicaragua by diving into this informative guidebook. From the various attractions and must-visit locations, to details on domestic transport, travel and money tips, and cultural activities to look for, this book contains invaluable information for the first- or repeat visitor.

Additionally, discover important details on educational institutions, banks, medical facilities, hotels, restaurants, investment (particularly Law 306) and permanent residency. If you have a question, chances are the answer lies within these pages. Make this handbook your go-to resource guide on all things Nica. Happy reading!

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