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Honduras is populated by a mix of indigenous, mestizo, and Garifuna (Afro-Caribbean) people. Geographically, Honduras delivers breathtaking mountains, Caribbean islands, river valleys and low coastal plains. With its extensive network of reserves, national parks, and cloud forests/biospheres, rare and beautiful species are protected across the country, making it a nature lover’s dream destination.

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Residency In Honduras

There are four types of residency in Honduras: Rentista, Retiree, Investor or Relative.

RENTIST: An income of at least $2,500 per month must be proven to come from a source outside of Honduras.

RETIRED: The applicant needs to show that they receive at least $1,500/mo (most commonly as pension) from a private or governmental institution.

INVESTOR: With proof of an investment of at least $50,000 in a business or project.

RELATIVE: The applicant must be a relative of a Honduran citizen, and this type of residency allows for the applicant to include dependents (spouse or children).

Honduras Travel Guide & Handbook

Considering traveling to or living in Honduras? Start here with these fantastic resources!

Honduras Travel Guide

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This Travel Guide delivers essential information for your next adventure in Honduras, including places to see, things to do.

Honduras 100-Page Handbook

From the basics in geography, population, and culture, to in-depth details of the departments within the country and essential travel information. Dive deep into Honduras with this guide, and discover ways you can make her your permanent home.

Honduras & Living Abroad

An ecological wonder, Honduras welcomes the explorers, adventurers and dreamers.

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