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Awesome adventures and natural wonders in a tropical destination

As one of the top destinations in Central America, Costa Rica has set itself apart due to its thrilling adventures in nature. Most recently, nature is juxtaposed by modern cities that are a foodie’s dream, providing endless entertainment late into the night. With something for everyone, Costa Rica truly is the land of Pura Vida.

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Residency In Costa Rica

Permanent Residency in Costa Rica can be obtained in one of three ways: 

Investor: The foreign person who invests in Costa Rica, an amount of $150,000 USD or more may opt for legal residency in the country under the migratory subcategory of investor. The investment can be made in Real Estate and/or other assets.

Other common categories to apply for residency in Costa Rica for those looking to purchase real estate (if the investment amount falls under $150,000 USD) and/or retire in the country are:

Retired: The applicant enjoys a lifetime pension, the amount of which cannot be less than $1,000 USD or its equivalent in colones.

Annuitant: The applicant will receive a stable and permanent income of not at least $2,500 USD per month, or its equivalent in colones, for a minimum of two years. This can also be accomplished through certificates of deposit certificates of deposit similar instrument in a bank of the Costa Rican National Banking System.

Costa Rica Travel Guide & Handbook

Considering traveling to or living in Costa Rica? Start here with these fantastic resources!

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Instant Download

This Travel Guide delivers essential information for your next adventure in Costa Rica, including places to see, things to do, and all about the culture.

Costa Rica 100-Page Handbook

A country that has been described as a “must-visit”, with an incredible natural beauty and biodiversity, Costa Rica awaits. This helpful handbook will detail the basics of the country, as well as provide in-depth information that can help you determine longer stays, even a permanent move!

Costa Rica & Living Abroad

Whether on the Pacific or the Caribbean, life is relaxed, easy and beautiful in Costa Rica.

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