Panama 100-Page Handbook


The bridge to the world…a connection that contains modern and old-world, Panama is worth discovering! From lush highlands, to rainforests, to 1600 islands across two coastlines, and a bustling modern city often compared to Miami, USA, this narrow landmass has it all. Read all about in this informative guidebook.

What's inside

While quite famous for its Panama Canal, there is so much that makes Panama, Central America, a country worth exploring. Our Panama Handbook takes you on an explorative journey through a country with two coastlines, a colorful history and a multitude of cultures. 

This resource guide will provide you with detailed information regarding the country’s geography, history, customs, resources such as banks, places to stay and/or eat, universities, hospitals, investment incentives and residency. Discover places to visit with our list of must-see attractions, and how to get there with our guide on transport. Have questions? Chances are this guidebook has the answers. Learn all about Panama with this incredibly informative handbook. Happy reading!

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