Gran Atlántida

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Located just outside the city of La Ceiba, this development is spread across 800 acres of property and nearly 2 miles of Caribbean beach frontage. Offering a perfect retreat, it provides a convenient balance between seclusion and proximity to city life.

A true gem of the Caribbean, Gran Atlántida’s climate and people make it the perfect destination.

A tropical climate draws in visitors who seek a true Caribbean getaway. Surrounded by parks and nature reserves, and accessible via La Ceiba’s port, exploration and adventure are within easy reach. Mingle with the locals and enjoy their traditional celebrations, which often spill out from the smallest villages to the large municipalities, sharing their joy with everyone present.

Gran Atlántida Neighborhoods

Coral Model at the Reef Eco Village in Honduras Real Estate
Tiny Home Village
The Reef Eco-Village
The Reef Eco-Village is a tiny home community focused on lifestyle for those who are eco-conscious, but still want to maintain the luxuries of modern life. These luxurious homes show that there does not need to be a sacrifice in modern comforts in order to live a green lifestyle.

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