Belize 100-Page Handbook


Everything you need to know about the only Caribbean and Central American country, Belize. Only 8,867 square miles in size, but chock-full of culture, adventure and breathtaking beauty, Belize is worth discovering. See for yourself why so many are making the move to call this place home.

What's inside

The Belize Handbook covers geography, politics, infrastructure, travel tips, culture, cuisine…everything you need to prepare yourself for a visit. Whether you stay for 5 days or 5 years, the information contained within these pages will prove to be an excellent source of information.

Resources include banking, medical facilities, security, hotels, restaurants, domestic travel, investment and even residency information. Many questions you may not have thought of will be answered. Should you be seeking investment opportunities or a deeper understanding of the country, this handbook will be your go-to resource guide. Happy reading!

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