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What It’s Like To Live In Panama

If you are wondering what it’s like to live in Panama, the shortest answer to this question is subsumed under the following – Panama is one of the world’s most attractive expat destinations for all the right reasons. Of course, we will discuss the most relevant reasons to move to Panama alongside some of the disadvantages of living in this lovely transcontinental country (i.e., a country located on more than one continent).


Is Living In Panama Expensive?


Essentially, Panama’s allure can be attributed to the fact that it offers its citizens and visitors a range of first-world amenities in a beautiful tropical setting. In comparison to living in the U.S., you can enjoy living a luxurious life for much less money. This means that, even if your only monthly earnings boil down to your pension checks, you can still live a life of ease surrounded by beaches and the ocean breeze.

In fact, in some parts of Panama, you can live comfortably for as little as a thousand dollars a month. However, you do not have to worry about living far away from the action – Panama is such a small country that you are basically never too far away from the city of Panama.

A good case in point are two Panama provinces – Los Santos and Herrera. You will find endless tropical sand beaches, with medical facilities in the vicinity and properties listed for as little as $60,000. Furthermore, one of the ways you are able to obtain Panamanian citizenship is to invest a minimum of $300,000 into local real estate.

Panama Coastal Town
Living costs in Panama are quite reasonable

However, you should be aware that Panama combines the best of both worlds, rich and poor, into a unique, eclectic melting pot of different cultures and incomes. This means Panama is home to both upscale and rough-and-tough inner-city neighborhoods. Essentially, as a country, Panama offers a lot to anyone who steps on its soil.

If all of this is enough to help you decide to move to Panama, be sure to hire a capable international moving crew that can take you there hassle-free. Given that overseas moves can be quite challenging, it is best to leave this task to professional moving companies with a lot of experience with such relocations.


Is Living In Panama Convenient?


Of course, every individual has different criteria for calling something convenient. However, whatever your standards maybe, living in Panama definitely passes any ‘convenience’ test you can think of. What does this mean exactly?

The Panamanian economy has experienced a significant growth trend in the last few years. This is in part related to the fact that Panama’s cities have been upgraded with many different amenities that make life in this country particularly fun and comfortable. So, from golf courts to luxurious beach resorts, restaurants, clinics, shopping malls, Panama is far from a desolate country you might be misled to believe.

You do not have to worry about missing everyday conveniences such as the internet, a steady supply of electricity, and potable water if you decide to move to Panama. Luckily, there are no issues with the aforementioned – you even have access to cable TV and cellular service in most parts of the country.

All of this (and more) makes Panama one of the most pleasant places you can live. Since you do not have to worry about the basics when you move here, you might as well focus on packing tasks ahead of time and get your entire home ready for the move to Panama.


Panama’s Landscapes Are Phenomenal


Although it is not a very large country territorially, Panama is famous for its variety of landscapes and sceneries. First of all, it has incredible, long coastlines which face the Caribbean on the right and the Pacific on the left. So, if you are into swimming, fishing, scuba diving, watersports, or just lounging on the beach, the possibilities to do these activities here are endless.

Panama Mountain Stream
Panama’s nature is diverse yet equally phenomenal in all parts of the country

However, Panama is home to cooler climates as well, which is slightly unexpected since it is located relatively close to the Equator. If you prefer to walk off the beaten track, you can choose between tropical rainforests, rural areas, or numerous islands off the coast of Panama.


What Are The Downsides Of Living In Panama?


Of course, as in any place in the world, there are certain things that some people might find to be less than perfect when it comes to living in Panama.


You Have To Get Used To The Bureaucracy


In order to finish anything at any government office, you have to arm yourself with patience and time. Unfortunately, this is a deeply-rooted problem that is typically unavoidable. What is more, suggestions or criticism are highly unlikely to speed up the process, if not the opposite. So, this is something that you might have to put in an ‘it is what it is’ box; that is, accept it as an inevitability.


Panama’s Natives Can Also Be Far From Punctual


This is known in Panama as the “Mañana” effect (which means ‘tomorrow’ in Spanish). This implies that Panamanians tend to postpone doing things, or better yet, vaguely situate it to happen some time ‘tomorrow’, which probably comes from living in such a laid-back, carefree environment.

Woman On Boat Panama
Panamanians are typically laid-back and relaxed, which can be inconvenient at times

However, people moving to Panama might find this attitude annoying – at least until they find out what it’s like to live in Panama and get accustomed to it. This country has a lot to offer, and you can be sure that you will find your little piece of heaven. 


Author Bio

Jorge Muños is a photo reporter (and a vegetarian). In his line of work, he is well-known for writing news reports about the everyday life of people from countries that are mostly neglected by the Western media. As a result, he has visited almost all South American and Caribbean countries – traveling both for work and pleasure.



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