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ECI Development is the defacto tiny/eco-home community builder in Latin America. If owning a tiny home in a tropical community focused on sustainability is something that sounds interesting to you, then you need to attend this presentation. With tiny home communities in Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, and expanding into Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, and beyond, we’re creating unique communities for everyone. Whether you like white sand beaches, tropical highlands, or being surrounded by vineyards and making your own wine, ECI Development has your dream tiny home!





Nicaragua – A Contrarian Investor’s Paradise

Many people drive cars yet are deathly afraid of flying. This is insane because we all know that statistically flying is between 60 and 200 …

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ECI Has Options

One thing that ECI Development loves to pride ourselves on is that we match people with properties that they actually want, not just what we …

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Find your forever home or next real estate investment property in one of our resort-inspired communities.