Meet Michael Cobb: A Visionary CEO Making Headlines

Michael Cobb, CEO and esteemed Executive Officer, whose visionary leadership has garnered widespread recognition in prominent publications such as Forbes, Travel + Leisure, The Washington Post and many more.  As an industry luminary, he has consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation and excellence, setting new standards for success.  Learn More (Link to

What is Driving Tourism in Belize

Driving tourism in Belize, ECI Development

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America, Belize boasts rich rainforests filled with colorful flora and fauna, unique islands along a stunning barrier reef, and a diverse culture that embraces its visitors with unmatched warmth. With its sunny climate, impressive natural resources and seemingly endless festivals and events throughout the year, more […]

Why Invest in Belize?

Invest in Belize - ECI Development

With its ever-increasing popularity with visitors seeking to embrace her charms, coastline and jungle, warm people and delightful cuisine and culture, Belize is a natural investor’s choice as well. As a growing tourism destination, savvy investors seeking great ROI, or simply wanting to be part of the great growth potential, are making their moves to […]

El Salvador successfully mines Bitcoin using Geothermal Energy

When the announcement was made that El Salvador would officially make Bitcoin legal tender, the move was considered a bold, innovative one. President Nayib Bukele went one step further, claiming that clean geothermal energy from the country’s numerous volcanoes would be used to aid in the mining of said Bitcoin as well. On October 1, […]

Bitcoin as Legal Tender – How a Developing Country’s Economy Stands to Benefit

Since June, the world has been holding its breath in anticipation of the first nation ever to officially launch Bitcoin as legal tender. All eyes turned to El Salvador as September 7th quickly approached. Now, alongside the U.S. dollar, El Salvador has two accepted currencies for all types of purchases. In preparation for the September […]

Will The Future of Bitcoin Tourism Change the Industry Status Quo?

Bitcoin community…bitcoin tourism…everything bitcoin. Imagine a stunning tourist destination, where you could pay for everything in bitcoin, with superb beaches and everything you’d want from a vacation. Imagine a place where you could meet like-minded enthusiasts. Talk about bolstering a sense of community among Bitcoiners! A community project bringing people together who are like-minded in […]

ECI Development Staff Paid in Bitcoin

“When I first heard about bitcoin, it didn’t make any sense to me and there was no real interest to invest or put my money into a digital format…[well] seeing is believing, right?” said Ally Rodriguez, ECI’s International Referral Network Director. “As time has gone on and education and acceptance of using and owning bitcoin […]

IT: The Remote Worker-friendly Industry

This article is a repost from Escape Artists, written by Brian Sheehan Seventeen years ago, I became an expat and haven’t looked back, and I can say—without hesitation—that it was the best decision of my life. As with any big move, there was much planning and preparation involved. But no matter how grandiose those plans […]

Mangrove Reforestation on Ambergris Caye – a Collaboration Between ACES and ECI

ECI and ACES have joined in partnership to aid in wildlife and habitat conservation on Ambergris Caye. The first project being undertaken by ACES and funded by ECI will be mangrove reforestation on Ambergris Caye. Over the past few months, ACES prepared for the mangrove propagule season – which is when seeds are ready to […]