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Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort is Nicaragua’s premier residential community and resort. Nestled along 3.5 miles of stunning Pacific coast, Gran Pacifica is a beautiful, Spanish Colonial community offering immaculate private residences, world-class vacation rentals, and comfortable long-term accommodations.

A scenic 45-minute drive from Managua, Gran Pacifica is in the Villa El Carmen municipality.

Gran Pacifica has been strategically designed, alongside UDA, from the ground up to provide high-quality infrastructure to our owners and guests, including underground power lines, 100% purified water to every faucet, high speed internet and Wi-Fi with a fiber optic backbone, many U.S. based TV channels, and a full sewer system.

Home to many residents, Gran Pacifica has over 75 beautiful colonial homes, with many under construction. Additionally, Gran Pacifica boasts a few lifestyle neighborhoods, including the EVA Tiny Home Community minutes away from Asuchillo Surf Beach and the stunning luxury family home complex known as BELA. The San Diego Viejo and MILA communities also provide gorgeous homes for both residents and vacationers. Las Perlas Oceanfront Village is a condominium/hotel complex, complete with two refreshing pools onsite for viewing colorful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. An award-winning restaurant serves up delicious seafood, steak, and other amazing dishes and craft cocktails.

A sublime, tropical getaway on the Pacific

Year-round tropical weather, warm waters to swim in daily, endless onsite activities such as golfing, cycling, tennis, surfing or simply relaxing on your porch. This is the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. 

Every so often, take a drive to the nearby cities such as Granada and Leon, and explore these historic colonial spaces. Enjoy fine dining, shopping or sightseeing, before you head back home to your relaxed, secure home at Gran Pacifica. Rest and get up to do it all over again!

"I have been at Gran Pacifica for over a week now. I love it! It is better than the pictures describe and the surf here is amazing. I had no idea how frequently the tides change and the shore line is so different between high and low tide. Each morning I go for a walk/jog and have been out to Asuchillo beach several times. This place is a real gem."

Gran Pacifica Neighborhoods

ISLA: A Low EMF Community in Gran Pacifica, Nicaragua
LOW EMF Community
ISLA - Intentional Sanctuary Lifestyle Alternative
Introducing ISLA: Intentional Sanctuary Lifestyle Alternative, the premier a Low-EMF Community in Nicaragua. In a world dominated by technology, ISLA stands as a sanctuary meticulously crafted to enhance your health. ISLA Healthy Homes, guided by Building Biology principles and certified building biologists, minimize internal EMFs, EMRs, and EMIs, providing maximum protection from external exposures. Join us to discover how ISLA is redefining living spaces for a harmonious, tech-resilient lifestyle near the beach. Learn More Here.

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