The Importance of Going Green

ECI Development is known for developing and delivering inspired residences for adventurous souls across Latin America for more than two decades. Included in our commitment to delivering our residences is also one of our strongest and main objectives and desires: To “go-green” as often as possible and do our part in contributing to on-going conservation efforts, not just for our communities, but also for our planet. We are aware more than ever that long after we’re gone, the choices we make now will have a global impact in the long run – positive or negative. It is our desire to set standards and do what we can to increase the positivity for our planet and give back in whatever ways make the most sense and have the best impact.

There are many ways that ECI reduces, reuses and recycles, and one of those ways in particular takes place in our Milagro Verde neighborhood at Gran Pacifica Resort in Nicaragua. We are constructing homes there that have offer eco-friendly, low-carbon footprint living. All aspects of the home and site design are considered, along with the materials and construction solutions based on accepted sustainable practices. The homes are 100% solar powered and are designed to stay as cool as possible. The power systems are designed to handle the power requirements of this home. The homes in Milagro Verde are also sized “just right,” so that they value efficiency rather than square footage. We maximize outdoor living as well, which enhances the joy of beach community living; use native tropical hardwood for cabinetry and doors, and authentic clay tile roofs.

Another example of how ECI plans to continue to ride the green wave, takes place in Belize, where we recently made the announcement that we will be working with Marriott to construct the Belize Marriott® Residences Ambergris Caye Resort. The resort will include huge cisterns for the collection of rainwater for irrigation. We will also maintain the storage of city water in other cisterns, collected in the off hours of low demand and then used in the peak times to flatten the demand curve.

These Residences will also showcase solar panels on the rooftop to capture the abundant sun. We will generate electricity in the highest usage period during the day, and then use that power to offset peak demand. Solar water heaters will heat and store water for guest needs, largely eliminating the need to consume precious electricity for that function. 

San Pedro Mayor, Daniel Guerrero, welcomed the project with open arms stating that he is happy ECI will implement eco-friendly and environmentally responsible operations on the island.

Belize is home to a World Heritage Site, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef –the largest reef system in the Northern Hemisphere. Joel Nagel, ECI Development’s co-founder stated, “We recognize the critical importance of conservation and protection of this reef. And we are pleased to be working with a global company known for its environmental commitment.”

If you are interested in coming to Belize to explore the Belize Barrier Reef and to experience all the beauty under the sun that Belize has to offer, please contact us at [email protected] for additional information.

Learn more about what efforts we’re making in the community through Corporate Social Responsibility.

ECI Development delivers affordable luxury residence and resort communities in Central America, providing our clients with various premier lifestyle options from the Caribbean to the Pacific. ECI delivers inspired residences for adventurous souls.
Coupled with over 20 years of inherent Corporate Social Responsibility in the communities where we work, ECI Development is building a sustainable business that is going to be around for the next 100+ years.
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