Argentina vs. Napa

Finding the Dream Vineyard Home: Argentina vs. Napa

For many people, owning a home on or in a vineyard community is the ultimate goal. However, this dream can often be accompanied by a high price tag, particularly for those who are only looking at the Napa Valley. Here, even modest vineyard homes start in the millions.

Then, moving up North, those in Canada who dream of owning in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, a wine-producing region of British Columbia, can expect to pay upwards to $2 million Canadian Dollars for a home in a vineyard community.

Indeed, for those in the 1% who have millions to spend, a home in one of these communities is easily attainable. However, many others yearn to live on a vineyard but don’t have multimillion-dollar budgets. So, where do they look?

Okanagan Valley
Price Tags at Okanagan Valley in British Columbia have similar upscale costs

Venturing Further South for Your Dream Vineyard Home

Nowadays, more and more people venture a bit further south, especially in Argentina. This country offers buyers the opportunity to own their own vineyard estate for under $500,000, without compromising on style, luxury, or amenities. The Mendoza region, specifically the Valle de Uco, is the country’s largest wine-producing region. This valley is located about one and a half hours from Mendoza City.

Valle de Uco is located at the foot of the Andes Mountains. It offers visitors and residents nearly 300 days of sunshine. Plus, people enjoy a beautiful 360-degree view of snowcapped mountains and thriving vineyards. The Mendoza region is home to more than 800 different wineries and offers easy access to a multitude of outdoor activities. People in Valle de Uco can easily enjoy skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and fishing. 

La Morada Lodge at Gran Vineyard Estates – Uco Valley, Argentina

An Affordable Option Compared to Napa Valley

A 2010 New York Times article stated, “…as Argentine wine exports continue to grow by 25 percent a year, this 57,000-square-mile area is drawing not only more tourists, but also vintners, who see in Mendoza the same charm and potential that propelled more established wine regions decades ago.” Tourism continues to flourish in the Mendoza region. Thus, more and more North Americans are seeing Argentina as a viable option to make their dreams of living on a vineyard a reality.

North American homebuyers aren’t the only ones looking to relocate to Argentina. Many California vintners are investing in the Mendoza region as a way to “round out their portfolio of wineries,” as Tom Garrett of Revana Family Vineyard in Napa stated. “The quality of wines coming from Mendoza and particularly the Uco Valley is incredible. And they represent great value providing fantastic quality at a lower price.”

With so many people looking to Argentina for both viticulture and lifestyle, now is the time to explore Argentina before prices soar to Napa or Okanagan Valley prices!

ECI Development’s recent property acquisition in the Uco Valley offers buyers a choice of 83 homesites, nestled amongst mature vineyards, with unobstructed views of the Andes. If the idea of life on a vineyard piques your interest, contact [email protected] for more information.

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