Will The Future of Bitcoin Tourism Change the Industry Status Quo?

Bitcoin community…bitcoin tourism…everything bitcoin. Imagine a stunning tourist destination, where you could pay for everything in bitcoin, with superb beaches and everything you’d want from a vacation. Imagine a place where you could meet like-minded enthusiasts. Talk about bolstering a sense of community among Bitcoiners! A community project bringing people together who are like-minded in every sense of the word – that’s bitcoin tourism at its finest.

The Rise of Crypto Tourism

Crypto tourism began gaining traction in 2017. It is an industry that caters to cryptocurrency aficionados by offering packaged tours—such as cruises—all paid for with digital currency. The Bitcoin space, especially at its core, has people who plan their lives around Bitcoin. They look forward to going to Bitcoin conferences, meetups around the world, and gathering with other people focused on Bitcoin. Creating Bitcoin tourism events and locations would be a natural draw for an affluent crowd throughout the world. Not to mention attracting the best type of tourists to a community: those who come to a specific place because they can spend their crypto. This is the financial lifeblood to a community relying on crypto tourism.

The target market for such tours is the crypto-rich and famous. These niche events include prominent speakers who are industry advocates in the cryptocurrency and blockchain domain. Generally, the audiences are looking to make substantial investments in cryptocurrency offerings. Even so, plenty of average Joes interested in cryptocurrency may join crypto tourism adventures, or use cryptocurrency to pay for their vacations. Often, these packages offer lectures or classes about cryptocurrency as part of the tour.

Benefits of Crypto Tourism

Using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can make it easier to pay for travel and avoid high ATM fees, currency conversion fees, and guard against monetary theft while overseas.

Bitcoin offers a new way for tourists to pay for their vacations rather than using credit cards. For those new to the crypto arena, a tour geared toward learning about cryptocurrency would be helpful by educating travellers on how to navigate and invest in the crypto market. Opportunities to meet with crypto experts and like-minded people during travel creates an electrifying atmosphere for all involved.

How is Crypto Used in Tourism?

There are a few ways you can use crypto in tourism, including paying for services like hotels, meals, and airfare. More travel suppliers are taking crypto tourism seriously and are accepting bitcoin, dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Online Travel Agency (OTA) is a cryptocurrency-friendly travel platform that accepts 50 cryptocurrencies. Travala prides itself on being the leading cryptocurrency accommodation booking platform where you can pay for your stay anywhere in the world. Travala offers over 3 million travel products, making it the biggest cryptocurrency tourism industry OTA.

Airfare website, Latvian carrier Air Baltic, and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic also accept Bitcoin. Activity booking site GetYourGuide and Berlin-based tours began taking dogecoin in June as part of their expansion in the U.S.A.

With the changing money markets, being able to purchase travel with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is inevitable. The travel industry is archaic in many ways. Embracing crypto tourism may be the life preserver they are looking for to return from the brink of the pandemic. The younger generation is going to demand new ways to purchase travel.

What Countries Welcome Crypto Tourism?

Countries like Grenada, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, and the Bahamas are all friendly towards tourists wanting to pay with cryptocurrency. The Bahamas was among the first countries to roll out its digital currency called the Sand Dollar.

One nation that is standing out in the Bitcoin arena is El Salvador. In June of 2021, the country announced that Bitcoin will be official tender in the country on September 7, 2021. The “Pinkie of Central America” set itself to blaze trails with their bold adoption of the crypto market. While not known for standard tourism, El Salvador is an incredible draw for surfers with its world class beaches. This is an advantage, as overdevelopment is not an issue. A new market, coupled with its can-do attitude towards Bitcoin should be a major draw to the country.

Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador

Bitcoin is nothing new to one town in El Salvador, however. The community of El Zonte has used bitcoin to invigorate an impoverished area through existing programs. Paying locals in bitcoin to do different community work roused the interest of stores and businesses to jump on board the bitcoin train. As the community embraced bitcoin as a tender for all facets of life, bitcoin tourism became their focus.

The goal would be to have people come and be excited to finally pay for everything using bitcoin. Their purchases would support the community while buying food and local wares. The concept of bitcoin tourism has real potential, and Bitcoin Beach has shown the way by inspiring the government to make Bitcoin legal tender.

It Takes a Village

Spend time in El Zonte where every piece of life is transactional in bitcoin. Go down to the little pupuseria and get pupusas by paying with bitcoin. Or you can go to the little pulperia, which is like a mini-7-Eleven, and get a Coca-Cola with your bitcoin. This is everyday life in El Zonte.

Why not carve a new niche in the cryptocurrency tourism industry? It’s about accessing a market of passionate individuals. Why not build a tourism village for this unique group of people? Envision a village of bitcoin enthusiasts, a community where people can own a vacation property alongside other people who share the same passion. It’s not just tourism, but a lifestyle. And the cryptocurrency tourism industry is about as niche as you can get.

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