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Why Invest in Belize?

With its ever-increasing popularity with visitors seeking to embrace her charms, coastline and jungle, warm people and delightful cuisine and culture, Belize is a natural investor’s choice as well. As a growing tourism destination, savvy investors seeking great ROI, or simply wanting to be part of the great growth potential, are making their moves to Belize. But what is driving investors to this tiny country that can boast both a Central American and Caribbean identity?


Location, Location, Location

Any smart businessperson will tell you, the key to success is LOCATION. And being strategically positioned between North and South America, with the Caribbean Sea along its coast, Belize is an incredibly attractive destination for tourists and investors alike. Her warm tropical climate also makes Belize a great place to live in or vacation year-round. Those who seek coastline will be thrilled to know there are gorgeous beaches, a rich coral reef and a seemingly endless supply of islands and islets. For the jungle lovers, the mainland’s tropical rainforests and rich flora and fauna delivers in the eco-tourism and adventure travel checklist.


A Stable Government and Economy

With a pro-business government in place, which has implemented policies to attract foreign investment, Belize is a natural draw for those seeking to expand their portfolio. Additionally, the Belize dollar is pegged to the US Dollar, 2 to 1. This stability is invaluable for an investor, and makes business dealings easy.

A Strong, Growing Tourism Industry

Second only to agriculture, tourism in Belize is a major contributor to the country’s economy. Its natural resources and unique cultures has set Belize apart in the traveling world. The government continues to do its part, investing heavily in the industry and creating the sort of investment opportunities that continue to propel the industry forward. Cruise ports, large-scale hotels, resorts and even the smaller businesses that form the backbone of the industry, all have received the stamp of approval from each government in power, a strong indicator of their belief in its sustainability and projected growth in the years to come.


Growing Real Estate Market

Smart investors understand the value of “getting in while the getting in’s good.” Witnessing the steady growth of the country’s tourism industry creates an understanding that there are many needs that have to be fulfilled. Land, homes, rental properties for both the short and long-term, all of these are crucial elements in the growth of the industry, and real estate has been steadily growing alongside the tourism market. It helps that Belize offers a range of options from beachfront properties, entire islands, jungle lodges, retirement communities and individual homes. With the cost of living relatively low compared to North America, Belize is an incredibly attractive option.


Tax Incentives for Investors

The Belize Government has implemented a number of investment incentives, including no capital gains taxes, and even permanent residency for investors who meet certain criteria. Tax exemptions for investors in priority sectors such as tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing makes it easier for those seeking to do business in the country.


An English-Speaking Population

With English as the official language of Belize, conducting business without language barriers is an incredible bonus. Additionally, those seeking to make Belize their permanent home as retirees can relax knowing they do not have to learn a new language. Until you are in a situation where the language becomes an issue to overcome, this doesn’t seem like quite a big deal…but how comforting to know that in Belize, you can communicate in English!


There are other nuanced reasons people make the move to invest in Belize: the people, the food, natural beauty, warm climate, the adventures and experiences enjoyed before finally taking that step…it all adds up. The slower pace of life. The kindness and close-knit community feel wherever one lands, the true sense of home, all add up to make Belize a natural location to invest in. Even as a business strategy, choosing a place that delivers everything a visitor could want makes Belize a smart choice.


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