The 15 Questions You Should Ask When You Buy Properties Overseas

The 15 Questions You Should Ask When You Buy Properties Overseas

The answers to the 15 Questions should be an important part of your property selection process. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, however we’ve found that the things people take for granted or assume are standards in North America, may not be in Latin America.

Looking for the answer to one of our specific 15 questions, click on each link to jump to that section of the video.

  1. Is there year-round access to the property? What is the drive time from shopping, dining, and the airport?
  2. Do roads and public infrastructure exist? Does the current infrastructure include underground utilities, paved streets and sidewalks?
  3. Is there enough fresh water and water pressure?
  4. Is the house or condominium plumbed with hot water?
  5. How far is it to major medical care? How long is the drive in dry season? What about in the rainy season?
  6. Is there a building requirement of any kind? What kind of construction and design standards are in place and enforceable?
  7. Are there amenities for use by owners and visitors?
  8. Are there state-of-the-art telecommunications or fiber optics for fast and reliable worldwide communications?
  9. What about the Home Owner’s Association? Are the fees high enough to cover maintenance of existing and planned infrastructure?
  10. What about green belts, common areas, and the future of the development?
  11. How will you build your home thousands of mile away? Who can oversee the construction of the home, and what is included?
  12. Is the Development Company financially solid and do they have a record of success? Is financing available for Property Ownership?
  13. Is there a central sewer system?
  14. What about safety and security access?
  15. What kind of guarantee can be provided?
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