Michael Cobb Welcomes Lady Luck and Tames Chaos Every Day to Help Others Invest Offshore

Michael Cobb Welcomes Lady Luck and Tames Chaos Every Day to Help Others Invest Offshore!

International investor and developer, business owner, entrepreneur and lender Michael Cobb may be doing big things in life now, but he started out small. In fact, he grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, where he learned from his father about the rewards of working hard and keeping busy. What opened his views on the world, however, was that he got to do a lot of international travel in his childhood. That didn’t make him fit in with his peers, and as he entered his teen years he knew that small town life wasn’t for him. Later, as he entered the adult workforce, he learned two more impressive character traits. One was to work smarter; the other was to serve others. Mike was headed toward “lawyering,” but ended up in sales. This choice suited him; he would use his sales skills and people skills later to help individuals from North America invest in properties in Central and South America. This all started after a vacation to a beautiful island country called Belize. Mike fell in love with the area and purchased two condos on Ambergris Caye (in Belize). He kept going back until one day he realized that something was missing. It was financing. There was no easy way for people from North America to invest in properties in Belize without paying the full amount. He came up with a way that would allow down payments and terms. He became a problem solver on a grand scale! Of course, this is just one of Michael Cobb’s accomplishments. It’s amazing that he remains so humble. This is a powerful episode you won’t want to miss!

International Investing, with Michael Cobb, ECI Development

International Investing, with Michael Cobb, ECI Development

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