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Investing in Belize and Central American Real Estate with International Bank Financing


Belize has witnessed a steady and consistent year-over-year rise in overnight tourist visits and is well on track to have a record-breaking number of visits in 2024. This consistent growth in the number of visits naturally coincides with the growing need for a larger number of rental accommodations within the country.

This escalating demand for lodgings, as well as the booming real estate market over the last decade, has led investors to set their sights on this otherwise hidden and unknown developing country, known as Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret.


Why are there so many expats investing in Belize real estate?


Investing in Belize real estate has many advantages, not least of which there is no capital gains tax or inheritance tax. Annual property taxes are also incredibly low.

Land and property in Belize have been historically undervalued compared to other Caribbean countries, despite the country’s strategic location and many attractions. Now there is rapidly increasing interest and purchasing activity, particularly from Americans and Canadians looking for second or retirement homes. Undoubtedly Belize is poised to experience a property boom, like that of Costa Rica and Panama.

This has now attracted the attention of world-renowned developments, such as the new Marriott residences in Belize, serving as proof of the demand for more supply in the country.

Real estate investment opportunities in Belize with international bank financing options.


How to become a part of the substantial growth of Belize’s property sector?


The new Marriott Residences is an under-construction development on Ambergris Caye island and serves as a particularly interesting example of the current real estate market of Belize. It’s situated in the heart of San Pedro which is a prime location in Belize’s most popular tourist destination. It promises island luxury with the added reassurance of quality brought by a familiar, reputable, and respected hotel brand, making it a tremendous real estate investment opportunity within the country.

To participate in this investment opportunity, individuals are advised to contact an ECI Development (ECI) sales representative. However, ECI, as the project developer, has collaborated with Caye International Bank (CIB) to offer financing for up to 80% of the purchase price to potential buyers that are qualified.

There are also exclusive interest rates and terms available for those individuals interested in ECI properties within the region. Prospective investors that require financing can turn to CIB who extends financing options to those that are not residents or citizens of Belize.

Real estate investment opportunities in Belize with international bank financing options.


Why finance your dream home with an International Bank in Belize?


Many North Americans interested in Central American real estate encounter requests for substantial cash transactions. Some would then tap into their cash reserves for these ventures, while others turn to HELOC funds.

However, the question arises: why risk one’s equity in their property or in their home country as collateral when they can instead use the property, they intend to purchase to secure a loan and better manage their cash reserves? The primary challenge for many is that their domestic banks will not provide funding for properties outside their jurisdiction, and domestic banks in the country of interest typically do not offer financing to non-residents and citizens.

CIB comes as a solution to this dilemma, with easier access to funds at a competitive interest rate unlocking a greater buying potential for the interested borrower. CIB will also at times finance construction of a property, bringing even more possibilities for the borrower who is either investing in, or wishes to reside in, the newly purchased property. This allows North Americans the opportunity of participating in the untapped potential of the Central American real estate market.


The benefits of banking and lending with an International Bank in Belize


International financial services provide several benefits and advantages and the first of these is that in Belize the national language is English, it’s a common law jurisdiction, there are no restrictions to foreign property ownership and there is very favorable taxation.

In Belize there are also very strong bank secrecy laws, which benefits CIB clients through increased privacy and confidentiality. There are no exchange controls in Belize, which means that you can take out or deposit money at any time, and your banking information will always belong to you.

An application for bank account opening and financing is a straightforward process, which can be facilitated online from anywhere in the world.

What are you waiting for? Start your investment journey in Belize today!


ECI Development


ECI is a trusted development company with projects in Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. ECI’s projects are spread across the Central American region, including, but not limited to the Best Western on Ambergris Caye and Gran Pacifica in Nicaragua. CIB’s partnership with ECI extends beyond the new Marriott Residences and is available for all ECI properties in Central America, offering preferential financing of up to 80% on any one of their properties.

Real estate investment opportunities in Belize with international bank financing options.


About the author

Luigi Wewege is President of the award-winning Caye International Bank, headquartered in Belize, Central America. He is the author of The Digital Banking Revolution – now in its third edition, as well as “Disruptions and Digital Banking Trends” published in The Journal of Applied Finance & Banking. Luigi has also co-authored economic research examining the accuracy of credit bureau data, that was presented before the United States Congress. He currently serves as an Instructor at the FinTech School based in California and holds an Italian MBA with a major in International Business, as well as a BSBA with a triple major in Finance, International Business and Management with Latin Honors from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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