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Valeria Espinoza

While completing her Business Administration major with Marketing Degree in 2004, Mrs. Espinoza started working with a small family non-profit that was executing social projects in the city of Managua. Working first as an administrative assistant and accounting auxiliary, after one year she was promoted and moved to the northern border of Nicaragua to work as supervisor of a housing project for the poorest families of the county.

It was a very complicated and sensitive position, as it required her to work, supervise and control the activities of men at their construction jobs. This is a role usually assigned to men. After a month, she earned their respect. Simultaneously, she was teaching English to students at the American School during the weekends. Having both positions was a great experience, both totally different, but rewarding due to their impact in lives of the people she worked with.

After 5 months Mrs. Espinoza was called for an interview to Gran Pacifica to perform the job of assistant to the CEO. She took the job and her life changed. Her passion and dedication to the company led her growth within the organization with different roles through the years. Her journey started on September 19, 2005 and Mrs. Espinoza held many different responsibilities and duties, from executive assistant, to sales administrator, to marketing coordinator.

On February 2017, she was promoted to the Vice President of Operations for the company. This is a huge challenge and responsibility for her with the many changes happening simultaneously in the organization. Ms. Espinoza is leading the team to perform well, challenging them to do better on a daily basis, and keeping within each of them, the vision and mission of Gran Pacifica in order to accomplish the company’s goals.

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