Economic Reset and COVID-19: How to Protect Your Assets & Wealth

Economic Reset and COVID-19: How to Protect Your Assets & Wealth

Michael Cobb, the Chief Executive Officer of ECI Development, joins Doctor George to discuss protecting your and your family’s wealth in as globalist elites such as Klaus Schwab, calls for an end to capitalism unto an economic reset that threatens the U.S. Dollar’s continued dominance, which is being further aggravated via recent social upheavals around the country, and as the COVID-19 “global pandemic” continues to destroy economies of the world, while its lethality continues to be revised downward.



ECI’s Cobb Named Among “100 Outstanding CEOs In CENTRAL AMERICA” By Leading Central American Magazine “Mercados & Tendencias”

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA – Dec. 4th, 2015 – Michael Cobb, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ECI Development Ltd., has been named by Central America’s Mercados ...
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An Affordable Lifestyle Overseas Webinar

Seasoned international real estate expert, Mike Cobb, shares with globally-minded curious folks how to carefully explore property overseas!
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