Valeria Espinoza Aguilar

VP of Operations

Valeria Espinoza Aguilar heads development for ECI Development, Ltd., responsible for identifying and coordinating all-new projects as the company grows and diversifies its product portfolio.

Earlier, for several years, she was ECI’s vice president of operations, leading residential and condominium construction activity on resort sites in Latin and Central America, focusing on contractor relationships, negotiations, budgets and scheduling.

Valeria joined ECI in 2005, beginning as an executive assistant to chief executive officer Michael K. Cobb and then advancing into sales administration and marketing roles. She knows the company inside out.

Earlier, she assisted a small family non-profit engaged in social projects in Nicaragua’s capitol city of Managua. This included her relocating to the northern border of Nicaragua where, using a combination of sensitivity and toughness, she supervised and controlled teams of construction workers who were building a housing project for some of the country’s poorest families.

Valeria is fluently bilingual in Spanish and English and has taught English to students on weekends.

In 2004, Valeria received her business administration and marketing degree from Universidad Centroamericana in Managua.