“Kudos from Karl on the recent story about your efforts above and beyond for the people of Ambergris Caye. Ruth and I are proud to be your friends and investors in such exemplary business enterprises. Keep up the good work.”

Karl O. –  USA

“I have invested heavily in ECI:  teak, bond, stock, Marriott Hotel room on Ambergris Caye. They have a long track record of commitment and have weathered world crisis. I have other investments with folks who probably mean well but have not performed. I have visited ECI’s investment projects in Belize, Panama, and Nicaragua. My reasons for investing are mostly that I trust ECI and Mike Cobb and Joel Nagel; the investments seem solid and have a reasonable return. Ethical people. These investments cannot be compared to a CD and have an element of risk, but I decided for myself that there was not anything in the US that could get a reasonable return. Sold all my US stock, as I decided that was gambling for me.”

Barbara P. –  USA

“Dave and I had a great time in Belize. Rachel and Mike both passed the David Diamond test!! (no formal education but one of the best at evaluating people and real estate deals.)”

Joseph L. – New Jersey, USA

“Thanks again for hosting Discover Belize last week. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

Robb P. – Colorado, USA

“Your Gran Pacifica community is lovely and appears to be poised for great things. Your commitment to community and environmental service is outstanding”

Frank Y. – USA

“The golf and horseback riding at Gran Pacifica were fantastic. Loretta says it was the best horseback riding we have ever experienced! The horses were great and riding them on the soft sandy beach together at sunset was an experience of a lifetime. ”

Don H. – California, USA

“After hearing Michael Cobb and meeting him, I have tools to help me make good decisions about my next home! This (Having a Consumer Resource Guide) is a must do for anyone thinking about moving overseas.”

J.R. C.Durman – North Carolina, USA

“Very nice ECI presentation. Your stage presentation was also high quality and filled with laser sharp statistics that I am sure made many take note. I sure did!”

John W. – USA

“Rachel, great presentation! We really enjoyed it.”

Linda L. and Joe S. – USA

“Thank You again Mike! I hope you don’t mind my humble observation after all these years, but you have great vision and leadership skills. Your team have come an awfully long way, in a relatively short time, under some very difficult conditions. Sincerely,”

Joe M. – USA

“Just want to thank you and the entire ECI team for a wonderful three days I just spent at Gran Pacifica for the 2013 Annual ECI SHAREHOLDER’S MEETING. The meeting was well run and very informative. And thanks for keeping the meeting flowing at a nice pace so a lot of information was obtained. I hadn’t attended one of your meetings for quite some time so thanks for all the info. It is greatly appreciated.”

Michael P. – USA

“We have known about the great opportunities in Nicaragua for a number of years. We invested in the”Gran Pacifica” project and could not be happier with the results thus far.”

Joe and Jill B. – North Carolina, USA

“Thank you for the information and you did a wonderful job with the presentation.”

Patrick S. – USA

“I enjoyed Mike and your excellent talks last week! They complimented each other and together added a nice balance to the program.”

Fran J. – USA

“Great presentation, really enjoyed it.”

Andrew O. – USA

“WOW, we bought a condo and then fell in love with the people. We are going to look at our calendars soon and come back in the Spring. Thanks for everything you did for us.”

Brock Lunderville NASA, Inc. – USA

“First and foremost, the staff at Grand Baymen were incredible. Every staff member we met was welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The resort itself is very nice. It is centrally located so it is easy to get to anything on the island. The rooms were comfortable with all the amenities you might require such as AC, Cable TV, and WiFi. The resort also has amenities such as a fitness area, tennis courts, and a huge sparkling pool (with a bar). We highly recommend Grand Baymen for your next stay in San Pedro.”

Alexandra. – USA