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Joel Nagel

For those who know him, it’s no surprise that Joel Nagel ended up pioneering a specialty international law firm. His enthusiasm for law and international relations emerged early in his adult life. After receiving his undergraduate degree in 1986 from Allegheny College, Joel headed to the University of Bonn to study as a Fulbright Scholar for a year. He returned to pursue a law degree at West Virginia University, which he received in 1989. To solidify the link between his passion for global business affairs and the law, Joel went on to obtain his L.L.M. in International Law and Taxation from Georgetown University Law School, where he graduated with honors. He then returned to Europe for additional post-graduate studies, including time at the Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands.

Before launching Pittsburgh’s first boutique law firm, Joel spent some time working for the U.S. Department of Commerce in the Office of Chief Counsel for International Commerce. His tenure there gave him further experience in the intricacies of government affairs, a skillset which would later prove itself essential. He then joined Buchanan Ingersoll, one of the largest law firms in the country.

Joel Nagel founded Nagel & Associates, LLC in 1992. The firm develops and implements strategic plans that assist their global client base through complex legal issues, such as asset protection, international commercial transactions, structuring corporations in foreign markets, immigration and emigration matters and tax planning.

Nagel’s strategic eye and willingness to push the envelope have enabled him to be a global entrepreneur, successfully concluding a number of high-profile projects in Africa, Europe and Central America. Among his projects are transportation centers, hotels, retirement communities, and financial centers. Rounding out his immersion in foreign relations, Joel represented the Government of Belize as Ambassador to the U.N. in Vienna, Austria, as well as Ambassador to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

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