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Live A Life of True Freedom

Nestled between two oceans, Panama may be a relatively small country, but it has so much to offer. Known for its famous Panama Canal and being the country that connects the Atlantic/Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean and North America to South America, Panama is really the center of the Americas. Panama offers the perfect destination for your new life or for a vacation rental home as it is filled with endless adventure and pleasant surprises around every corner. An excellent diversion from the perennial worries of the busy life—it is rich in culture, history, friendliness and flora. This geographically and biologically diverse land boasts not only ethereal rainforests, beautiful beaches and pristine tropical islands, but also one of the strongest economies in the entire region.

Freedom Village is a tropical highlands community conveniently located between the popular cities of Boquete (pronounced “bo‑keh‑tay”) and David (pronounced “da‑veed”). Featuring incredible 270‑degree mountain views, natural creeks and streams running through the property and communal orchards and gardens, this is the ideal location for nature lovers and people who enjoy a quiet setting, yet close enough to the city when needed.


  • In the beautiful tropical highlands of Panama
  • 30 minutes from Boquete, Panama
  • Hybrid solar, wind and grid powered tiny homes
  • Available smart home technology
  • Utilizing locally sourced, high quality teak wood
  • Organic food grown on site


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