Endless wonders from the Caribbean to the Pacific

Immerse yourself in this diverse, friendly nation

Authenticity, nature and an incredibly friendly people await you in Nicaragua. Adding to its appeal are affordable prices, unique cultural activities, 7 languages, delicious cuisine, and a diverse geography that delivers excitement and adventure. Welcome to one of the gems of Central America.

Live Here

A relaxed, beachfront lifestyle awaits you.

Gran Pacifica

2,500 acres of property with 3.5 miles of beach make up this expansive planned network of communities. Teak plantations, orchards, golf course, surf breaks and horseback riding trails help you to relax, unwind, or simply push pause.

Residency In Nicaragua

Becoming a resident of Nicaragua can happen via investment or marriage. The Investor Residency program entails investing in some sector of the Nicaraguan economy, such as by purchasing real estate, with a minimum investment of $30,000. With at least 1 trip to Nicaragua as a requirement, submit your forms in person, after which you can sign over power of attorney to complete the process. You will be required to visit and remain at least 30 days in-country for immigration verification, after which you receive your residency.

Visit Here

Lakes, volcanoes, delicious cuisine, friendly faces, and the adventure of a lifetime awaits you! 

Book a Stay in Nicaragua

Gran Pacifica Resort has created a paradise in Central America. Enjoy our 9-hole golf course with club house and pro-shop. Explore our 3-and-a-half miles of pristine private beach. Take on the big waves with world-class surfing. Or relax in our swimming pools.

Nicaragua Travel Guide & Handbook

Considering traveling to or living in Nicaragua? Start here with these fantastic resources!

Nicaragua Travel Guide

Instant Download

This Travel Guide delivers essential information for your next adventure in Nicaragua, including places to see, things to do, and all about the culture.

Nicaragua 100-Page Handbook

The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes…also the land of friendly people, with an incredibly affordable lifestyle and rich culture. This is Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, and one of the safest countries in this side of the hemisphere. Read and discover why so many are choosing to call Nicaragua home.

Nicaragua & Living Abroad

Life in Nicaragua is filled with culture, history, and adventures in a spectacular natural setting.

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