Chenay Jordan

International Referral Network Director

Chenay Jordan is International Referral Network director for ECI Development, Ltd. She is responsible for promoting the company to affiliate partners in the United States and Canada who in turn generate thousands of sales leads for ECI each year from their networks of customers.

In this role, she cultivates and maintains relationships with many hundreds of influencers to learn their strategies and package tailored ECI messages to help tell the company’s story.

Since joining ECI, Chenay has grown the number of referral network partners by 20 percent and maintained a steady volume of related sales leads.

Chenay works closely with ECI’s executive management to identify meaningful content for podcasts and speaking engagements – with a strong focus on realtor educational events for certification as international property specialists. She also closely tracks partner campaigns to gauge effectiveness.

Earlier, she gained experience in public-facing roles with diverse organizations in the fields of veterinary medicine, equine industry media and English-language-learning.

Chenay received her bachelor of arts in 2006 from the University of Arizona in Tucson. There, she was student coordinator for the university’s most successful Milton Marathon, an all-day student reading of John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost.