Michael K. Cobb

Entrepreneurial CEO Michael K. Cobb has overseen the growth of ECI Development, Ltd. as one of Latin America’s most exciting, diversified resort development companies providing inspired lifestyles for adventurous souls. Since 1996, at the helm of ECI Cobb is widely admired for his vision, authenticity and tenacity in the face of overwhelming obstacles. Launched as […]

Rahul Vir

Rahul Vir is an award-winning hospitality executive and consultant with extensive Marriott International experience in multi-brand, multi-segment and portfolio tier oversight in the hospitality industry across Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States. Rahul advises ECI Development’s leadership team in action plans to improve financial, operational and organizational performance as well as the planning […]

Valeria Espinoza Aguilar

Valeria Espinoza Aguilar heads development for ECI Development, Ltd., responsible for identifying and coordinating all-new projects as the company grows and diversifies its product portfolio. Earlier, for several years, she was ECI’s vice president of operations, leading residential and condominium construction activity on resort sites in Latin and Central America, focusing on contractor relationships, negotiations, […]

Javier Camarillo Ramírez

Javier Camarillo Ramírez is vice president of finance for ECI Development, Ltd., bringing to the role a seasoned audit background with large publicly owned construction and real estate development companies and several Big Four accounting firms. He is responsible for ECI’s finance and accounting to support strategic decision-making and policy development by the board of […]

Alyssa Esquivel

Alyssa Esquivel is Relationship Manager for ECI Development, Ltd., overseeing customer service with hundreds of shareholders during the lifecycle of their investments. With more than 15 years of experience in streamlining systems and improving organizational performance, she provides ECI’s equity stakeholders with a highly personal and responsive approach to assure smooth communication, informed decision-making and […]

Michael Kale Fuller

Michael Kale Fuller is Marketing Director for ECI Development Ltd. covering all of its products and services in Latin America and Europe. He focuses on generating qualified sales leads through a strategic combination of email, social media and web-based content as well as a high profile for ECI at conferences and events as the company […]

Chenay Jordan

Chenay Jordan is International Referral Network director for ECI Development, Ltd. She is responsible for promoting the company to affiliate partners in the United States and Canada who in turn generate thousands of sales leads for ECI each year from their networks of customers. In this role, she cultivates and maintains relationships with many hundreds […]

Leslie L. Lawrence

Leslie Lawrence is the Sales Director for ECI Development, Ltd., where she leads and inspires a team of property consultants focused on delivering inspired lifestyles for adventurous souls across a diverse range of customers and cultures in Latin America and Europe. With over 25 years of sales experience, Leslie uses her skills as a leader […]